Prodoc has been reliably servicing the export industry for over 20 years and we have earned a great name for delivering quality economic export documentation solutions which provide a real ROI.

Our roots started in NZ, where we are the industry leader in export solutions and have recently expanded to Australia. We now have over 100 customers using Prodoc services.

The success of Prodoc is based on our commitment to our customers, as our primary goal is to deliver best practice solutions. We understand every business is unique and no two companies operate the same, and we cater for this individuality.

This is why Prodoc solutions are customised across several dimensions to create the ideal system for you.

We work though a process of consultation, to assess your business and provide recommendations based on;

  • volume and frequency of exports
  • how many people will use the system at one time
  • whether you will use in-house IT resources to undertake ongoing development
  • do you require integration with your ERP system
  • which financial model best suits you

At Prodoc we listen to our customers and their needs – that’s why our pricing is fixed and our help and support is inclusive.

We welcome the opportunity to talk to you about Prodoc and how we may assist your business.


Steve Cox